Victory Lyrics

I overcome the world by the blood of El-Shadai
I got the victory – I got the victory
Cuz what He did for me – I got the victory

Verse 1:
I’m back again the facts are in this place still aint lacking sin
Been knocked down several times but I came back more passionate
They blasphemous and that aint half of it don’t care who they damaging
Through it all I still wait for the Lord to come back again
In His image is how I’m made – victory is what I claim
Aint no lack of trials I seen they came to test my faith
Still I run this race
Limped gimped bruised and broken because Christ I overcame
See I been through a lot but still no burial plot
Been down and out but now devout feet still planted on the rock
He choose to die was crucified rid the sin for you and I
Three days go by they see Adonai roll the stone to arise
The grave can’t hold Him, death can’t beat Him so we stay instant in every season
Heavens the throne earths the foot stool so the enemy stays beneath Him
Like a thief in the night and a flash of light he’ll come to take us home
Triumphant over the enemy still remains as my M.O.


Verse 2:
Like a lion the enemy roars coming to distract his pray
And devour those who oppose his wickedness and serve Yah-weh
United we stand divided we fall we fight for Christ above all
Until death my last breath or I hear the Lord call
He wrongfully faced death mocked with thorns in His crown
He was beaten and slayed then laid but it couldn’t hold Him down
Then He said it’s done
Overcame the grave on the third day rose like the sun
Test and trials always gonna come – He’s defeated by no one
For Christ I live sure enough – they know His when I show love
You love your friends so what – sinners do that jokers
You getting hated I know cuz – that’s the call of Jehovah
Victory is meant for me a son of God I choose to be
The blood He shed covers me so I live more abundantly
This race I run I endure so I can obtain the prize
Even if that means that this race will cost my life


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