"I am an avid listener of True's music and have attended several of his concerts. From the first concert I went to and heard True it was clear that this man was not rapping for fame or money but to bring glory to God and to try to bring others to Jesus Christ. Two verses that come to mind when thinking of True and his ministry are: And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. (Mark 16:15 NLT) and: Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:19 NLT). I believe that True took these commands to heart and is using music as his ministry. I feel that God is really using True to bring others to come to know Jesus. After talking to True at events and listening to his music his passion for Jesus has encouraged me and my own relationship with Christ. I encourage others to listen to True's music and book him for your events, you will NOT be disappointed!"

Jeffery Ball
"True is an awesome man of God. His music is encouraging to so many people especially the young. I can see how much he loves the Lord when he is up on stage performing. The talent that he has is a blessing from God. He uses his ability to rap to uplift the kingdom. God has used him in so many ways. I always find my self listening to his music; "Never Give Up" is on the top of my playlist. Honestly, if it was not for that song I would have dropped out of college by now. His music has a strong impact on my life. So many people don't even like rap but I've told so many people that the beats are awesome but if you put the beats aside and listen to the lyrics you will find your self praising and uplifting God just like you would be as if you were listening to a regular praise and worship song, so if rap is not your favorite, take a listen to True's albums and you will see how much God is using him. He has an amazing ministry, and he raps from his heart. True is an AMAZING performer and he is a great brother in Christ!"

Jordan Mullins
"I love True’s music! His lyrics are all about Christ and are very inspiring. You can tell he honestly does it to bring God glory and change lives. He LOVES every opportunity he gets to minister to people. He gets so excited about every show! He appreciates each and every one of his fans and actually makes time to become friends and talk to them. He has become a very good friend of mine and one of my favorite rappers!"

Radio Host/On-Air Personality

Morningstar Morrison
Truth 4 Uth
"True came down to Cornwall, Ontario and preformed at an event for the youth called TLQ. He did an amazing job and the teens loved him! We also made a friendship with him and his wife. May God Bless them richly in this ministry it will take them far with God."

Youth Pastor

Amy Blais
Firehouse Youth Ministry
"I have had the pleasure to see TRUE minister multiple times, at my church as well as other events. Each and every time I am always blown away with this young man. He is very talented and has a desire for God like no other! You can tell he is very sincere about what he does and about conveying the message of Jesus! Every time he comes to the stage I always leave feeling challenged, encouraged, equipped and ready to take on the enemy! I honestly believe he is a wonderful asset to the body of Christ and the ministry of music. I highly recommend TRUE!"

Justin Drouillard
"True, Keep up the Kingdom work! It is such an inspiration to hear you glorifying God, and reaching our youth through your music! You TRULY have found your calling to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of rap music. True, you are an awesome performer and I would definitely recommend you for any event... May God Bless you and your ministry!"

Renee Cappelletty
"TRUE's passion and sincerity in wanting to share the gospel message to the lost is what genuinely shines the most, which he proclaims both on and off the stage. His lyrics are devoid of fluff and just come at you hardcore and earnest. His beats are unpretentious and are easily accessible, without all the cosmic and distracting filler material that is increasingly a widespread production norm amongst the Holy Hip-Hop culture (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is refreshing to hear something different every now and then). All of this makes total sense if you were to bump into him at the local soul-food joint catching him scarf-down some BBQ anything’s. What you hear from him in music is exactly what you should expect to see while he's performing, and when he's not. TRUE is true and you get a sense that he's not going to let anyone stop him from being that...which is fine, because that's precisely why we listen."



Tony Carter
"My man True is doing great things for the Lord! A little less than a year ago he came to my church.."Pavilion Towers" from Toledo, OH to minister through his music. He really did a great job! Not only did he minister God's word, but he did it with passion and energy! I'm a Youth Pastor and I can truly say that everybody enjoyed him. As a fellow artist, I've performed on the same stage as him and I respect what he's doing with the gift that God gave him. It's pretty cool to meet someone that's faithful with what God gave them and that really wants to see lives come into the kingdom. I truly consider him a brother and a friend."

Youth Pastor

Tyman Ray
"True, what an incredible inspiration and God send, see above his music he is truly a man after God's own heart. Hi my name is John "EKnocK" Lent and the event Battleground hosted by our team from UMR Magazine is greatly because of the drive True passed down to me, see it was a time I was going through some really tough personal decisions and True helped me see past me and continue focusing on what was important here and that was the hearts and minds that God would change through our event. Through the trials we completed our first event and through the heat over 20 young people gave there lives to Christ with a few of them wanting to be Urban Missionaries like TRUE and myself. I know he would never take credit for any of this but God truly used him to touch the young peoples lives in more ways than he would ever know. Thank you Fam for being apart of lives and I can't wait to collaborate with you again."

John "EKnock" Lent
UMR Magazine
"I had the pleasure to meet and see True perform in Jackson, MI.  I brought my two teenage daughters and a friend to the show, and we all had a great time. I have shared True's music with several other teens in our youth group and they love it. My daughter Alexis wears his High Callling Shirt all the time. I love hearing his "Rap with a Reason". Keep doing what You do True. God Bless and Thank You!"

Joe Piliszko
"True is the realest artist I have ever met, his music reflects the way he lives and that’s exactly how it should be. His lyrics are straight from the gospel and it’s what people need to hear. He gives a great performance and people of all ages love him and his music. He is a great role model and that’s what this generation needs, someone to look up to that doesn’t rap about drugs and sex but someone who preaches the truth and glorifies God!"

Kaelee Braden
"True is an unbelievable talent, but above all, he is humble. There are many artists out there that are way more interested in trying to make it in the industry rather than ministry, but that is absolutely not the same with True. I would bring him back to the south or do a show with him anywhere in the country. Humble and Hungry should be his motto..."

Youth Pastor/CEO of Carboard Ink

Torrey Garrison
Cardboard Ink
True’s aim is to reach the world through the power of Gospel music being poured into the lives of people from day to day. The rate of crime within our city reveals a need and hunger for something better, his ministry targets to fulfill that crave of a better life. Many parents are praying for their children to develop better morals, instead of crime, premarital sex, gangs, guns, and drugs, his music is aimed to help this crowd in a positive manner.

What truly makes his ministry unique is the genre of music, Christian rap. Rap has been used to degrade women, promote crime, and corrupt the minds of our youth. His music uses a similar sound but with a different message, the message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ! #Salute

Radio DJ/Co-Owner of GodWard Ministries

DJ TinyMite
The Pulse Radio
I had the pleasure of ministering alongside of True this summer at ”The Spot” in Richmond, Indiana. True brings with him a sweet anointing and presence of the Lord in His music. He is the Real Deal; he knows how to go all in for the Lord. He is a Man after God’s heart, and has a unique ability to portray that to the people to whom he is ministering. The crowd was not hundreds of people; there was probably 50 or less there that night. But True ministered like he was in an auditorium full of people, going hard after God’s presence. He is a great man of God on the stage, and off the stage. He lives what he sings about, truly pressing on toward the High Calling of Jesus Christ. It is my honor and privilege to call him friend, and to endorse his music fully and with great confidence, knowing that he will remain true to his calling, and not compromise the Gospel message. I am excited to see what the future holds for this young man and his beautiful family!

The Spot/Richmond, IN

Angela Craig

If you would like to share your testimonial about True, please email true4031[at]gmail.com with your experience!