True Life Quest

Another huge announcement! I will be ministering at the event True Life Quest in Canada! Thank you so much to Amy Blais and Firehouse Youth Ministry in Cornwall, ON for this blessed opportunity! I am so very grateful to be a part of this event and movement! All of you are such a blessing and I can not wait!

Event Info:

Are You Burning… Or Are You On Fire?

Revelation 3:15-16 very clearly tells us that Christ is only satisfied with those that are “on fire” for Him. The Scripture talks about how Christ despises those that are “lukewarm”… those that know Him but do not actively follow His will. He would rather us be “cold”… have a straightforward profession of disbelief, than to be lukewarm and believe but not obey. Verse 17 explains how many perceive themselves in a very different way than He does. It is important not to get trapped into self-deception because He will do a true assessment. Verse 19 explains how we do not have to be perfect but must repent from our imperfections. Verse 20-21 shows how anyone that chooses to serve Him will be granted the opportunity to join Him at His Throne.

The question we must all ask ourselves is…. “Am I hot, lukewarm or cold?”
We believe that this event will provide a means for each one to truly examine their own lives and answer that question.

Are Your Batteries Charged?

We are told in Mark 15-16 to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to the whole creation. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that disbelieveth shall be condemned.”

It is often heard in Christian circles that we need to Let Our Light Shine (show off our relationship with Christ) but too often we let the batteries in our light die. This event will take a close look at the purpose of the light which is to help save the lost so that they will not be condemned. The event will help recharge our batteries so that our light is shining as bright as it can be.

See for more details and information!

Mar 14, 2011 / News

Cruise With a Cause

The Lord has truly been opening doors that I have never thought would happen! Above and beyond any expectation, to say the least! The Lord has giving me the opportunity to be able to minister in Montego Bay, Jamaica! I will be attending Cruise With a Cause, leaving Miami Florida on May 30th and getting back in the states on June 4th! I will be rapping in Montego Bay in various schools through out the city! During the week of the cruise I will also get the chance to meet and fellowship with various wonderful men and women of God! I am soooo thankful for this opportunity, words could never describe it. A special thank you to Elayne Gilchrist, with out you none of this would ever happen! Praise God for your obedience to the Lord! Please keep me and this event in your prayers, in Jesus name lives will be changed!

Mar 10, 2011 / News

New Website!

Welcome to the brand new TRUE website! Be sure to click around and explore! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback on the site by clicking the “Chat Bubble” on the top right corner or by clicking the heading of any post! Thanks so much for stopping by, God bless you!

Mar 9, 2011 / News

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