The state of Christian music

Hey everyone! This is my first time blogging, so bare with me and in time I will get better! (Hopefully lol)

Lately I have been noticing in Christian music that a lot of it is becoming very watered down. Stuff that used to be really truth based and in your face scripture and biblical teachings seem to be turning into more of an entertainment form of music rather than ministry minded. I by NO means am saying ALL Christian music, but definitely a good amount.

Certain artists and bands in particular come to mind when talking about this subject. When you are a long time listener of them, you can follow there albums and content value and see how over time they change. What once was a very in your face JESUS message, you can see dwindle down to very little or no mention at all of the Lord or ministry value of any kind. It is really heart breaking.

I know there can be a lot of reasons for this, some artists go secular in order to get more fans or to make money, some simply lose sight of there relationship with the Lord and end up producing a very watered down message or no message of Him at all rather they realize it or not, simply being deceived and thinking your music is right in the eyes of God, and so on and so forth. It’s just really sad to me to see people with such a strong passion become very passive about the Gospel in there music. In my experience, even if they are speaking on Jesus and the things of God, you can tell if there heart is there or not. This is especially true by watching them in concert (how they carry themselves on stage, what they say, mannerisms, etc.)

I just want to say that I REFUSE to do the same thing. That is why I purpose to make “TRUE Muzik” Rap with a Reason. I want it to be very clear and evident at all times what the message and purpose of the music is about. Rather it be on my first album or my fiftieth, I want people to KNOW that Jesus reigns, he is our saving grace, the Kingdom is advancing day by day and He is coming back soon! Everything was made for Him and by Him and this music will be no different! Now I am not saying to be so spiritually minded that you’re no earthly good, but I am saying that it should be clear what your music is about, you should NOT have to guess or read between any lines! Rather you want to aim your music at the streets, at the church or wherever, just make sure the message is there and He is the reason for your music! Music should not consist of a whole bunch of I’s or me’s but rather of Him’s and He’s!

In closing, please pray for all Christian artists (myself included) to stay on the straight and narrow, fully seeking His face and displaying the truth and beauty of the Lord through there platform! I do not blog any of this to shed Christian music in a negative light or to criticize, but just in sharing my heart and what I have observed. So let’s pray for change to help further build the body of Christ!

Thank you so much for reading! You support is so much appreciated! God bless you!


Mar 21, 2011 / Blog

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